One of my posts is in the LA Times!

The blog post I wrote, “Oh Dude!” has been published in the LA Times today in a column called “LA Affairs” and under the title “A dreamy dude on a dude ranch.”

Personally, I liked my title better.  They also made a few changes to which I prefer the original.  The art work doesn’t look like me at all.

And one reader is making comments at the end of the online version that are … well … interesting.  When people who follow my blog comment on it, it’s usually friendly, and it feels intimate.  When a total stranger is critical in a huge public forum, well, let’s just say I hadn’t anticipated it!  Oh, the vicissitudes of fame!

But all that said, I’m still thrilled!

Most writers questions whether their work is any good.  If they’re not questioning, it’s probably not very good.

Having blog followers and facebook Likes is one way to feel good.  Getting published is another.  Getting paid is still another.  Today I have all three!

I send my genuine thanks to anyone who has supported my return to writing after many years.

LA Times cowgirl

129 thoughts on “One of my posts is in the LA Times!

  1. You have studied your subjects with such passion and were even able to share it with students in an enjoyable way. So honestly I am not surprised but even so, it is such a pleasure to know you were published! You deserved it!


  2. How amazing! I like your title better too! Much simpler. As for the comments from strangers, some people have too much time on their hands so they criticize others instead of themselves! Congrats and can’t wait for the book!


    • I usually try not to read comments below articles and posts and such because there are just so many ignorant people out there. I did read mine, though. 🙂 I can live with them.


  3. You’re a great writer and it inspires me how you just kept pursuing it and now have people who read your works. Truly inspiring, professor 🙂


  4. Congratulations! I stumbled on here and now I can’t stop reading. Your writing really immerses the reader. Also, I’m in love with your use of adjectives. If only I could write like you!


  5. I feel that this is the appropriate place to complement your writing prowess. It really is incredible how your thoughts flow flawlessly through the arrangement of your words. There is no indication that the words are impeding your true thoughts. There is no indication that what you have written on paper is slightly altered by what was going on in your mind. Basically, I’m saying that the genuine and honest quality of your writing is a much appreciated trait. As a student, you have to read so many things in textbooks that seem like they are winding around the meaning without really nailing the meaning. Your writing always nails exactly what you mean. Thanks for your clarity!


  6. Congrats on getting published!! I just read it and thought it was hilarious! I love your writing style. It’s to the point but packed with a lot of punch!


  7. That’s super cool that your article got published, it is kind of lame that they changed some things but still pretty exciting its nice when hard work gets noticed.


  8. LA times is a dream of many! I found this blog extremely interesting because my dad used to work for LA Times, so it hit close to home for me!


  9. Congrats on getting published in the L.A. Times! That’s so cool! Did you submit something to them or did they stumble across your work and contact you? It’s strange that they felt the need to change some stuff… but hey, you got published and PAID!!! Also, random online comments from strangers can be quite horrible. It’s one of the reasons that I haven’t made a YouTube video in so long.


    • I submitted to them because a friend of mine got published in that same feature – I figured, why not? Meanwhile, I’ve submitted a second piece to them and have heard nothing. You can’t wait for them – just keep going. (Except for this blog, I don’t read comments.)


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