Breast Milk and Burgers

 My first food was breast milk, and I hope yours was, too:  A finer cuisine for an infant just does not exist.  Add to that the fact that it is usually served up by a chef with soft arms, an hypnotic heartbeat, and loving eyes, and I feel quite fortunate to have ever feasted at such a deli.  In fact, the bonding that occurs with nursing is the start of a person’s ability to love someone (‘attach’) later.

But as was typical of the times, I soon moved on…

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Of Perverts, Prophets and Posts

After the New Year’s Eve revelry, the hangover.  After the pre-holiday excitement of posting to my first blog, the post-holiday realization that it’s already time to post again.  Doh!

Not that posting is comparable to a hangover…

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The first lick is the sweetest

Actually, I’m not sure that’s true.  Maybe the sweetest is the second lick, after the flavor has been recognized by the taste buds.  Or it might be the seventh, after the complex intermingling of tastes have seemed to infuse the entire mouth, and the tongue can’t stop itself from reaching for an eighth…

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